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Group Hypnobirthing Classes, Bolton

A six week comprehensive course empowering you to feel 

calm and confident and in control for birth and beyond.


Delivered by a NHS Health Visitor and Hypnobirthing Teacher.

The Ultimate Birth Preparation Course

So you've decided on the nursery colour scheme, your baby name list has been shortlisted and now the inevitable giving birth part is starting to creep up on you... Maybe you've heard some horror stories from friends or colleagues and you've been left wondering how you are possibly going to cope?

Perhaps your first birth didn't go as you had hoped and you are feeling worried about the prospect of giving birth for a second time. Maybe you have a good idea of how you'd like your birth to go this time around, but you are not sure if this is really achievable or not?!

Either way this course has been lovingly designed for you, giving you the best possible chance of having a positive experience of birth however your birth unfolds.


You will leave this course feeling confident, prepared and most importantly excited to meet your little one.


Your birth partner may be relieved to discover that hypnobirthing is not as woo woo as it sounds, there's no hippy chanting and nobody is going to be hypnotised. Your birth partner will leave feeling confidentprepared and ready to support you every step of the way! 

The sessions are relaxed, fun and easy to digest, packed with lots of practical tools and  plenty of opportunities for a brew and some cake!

 Course Cost: £200 Reserve your place today with a £50 Deposit.
One to one
 in person and online courses are available on request.
 " Birth is not only about making babies 
it's about making mothers - strong competent capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

Barbara Katz Rothman

Tell me more...

My group courses are intentionally kept to a maximum of five couples to allow me to fully get to know you, and to give you the opportunity to meet and connect with other like-minded expectant parents. 


During our time together we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your birth preparation. You will develop a deep undertanding and trust in how your body works during labour and how you can work with your body not against it, making labour feel safer and more comfortable for you. Birth partners play an invaluable part in childbirth and therefore this course will ensure that your birth partner is feeling empowered and confident ready for the big day.  

Drawing upon my ten years experience within the NHS, I show you how to navigate the maternity system to really maximise your chances of achieving the individualised birth that you deserve. The course is delivered from the bottom of my garden in my cosy and welcoming purpose build cabin. You will be cared for and nurtured from start to finish and provided with warming drinks and delicious snacks. 



I feel much calmer, more prepared for myself, and the journey I will go on and we are empowered to make the decisions that are right for us. If you are considering booking a course with Aimee, I would say 100% go for it, her delivery has been absolutely amazing, so engaging, interesting and personable.

Natalie and Joe  ~ First Time Parents 

" The course helped my husband to be really supportive and practical during my birth. It gave me so much confidence to ask more questions of the midwives and doctors and listen to my own instincts. It really changed my experience of birth and supported me to stay at home way into my labour.  Aimee is such a warm and knowledgeable person, who makes you feel really comfortable. Aimee prepared a beautiful hypnobirthing pack for us and shared some really valuable resources. I would highly recommend karma babies! Thank you Aimee!"

Michelle and Mike ~ Second Time Parents

My husband and i are so very glad that we decided to sign up for Aimee's hypnobirthing classes Aimee is a wonderful teacher and mentor. She doesn't just cater to Mums but also dads as well. We feel so much more confident now with our first baby! We would highly recommend.

Hannah and Sam ~ First Time Parents


The Little Extra's

             Refreshments provided during the sessions.

              A Comprehensive 'Love Your Birth' Hypnobirthing E - Workbook.


              Positive Birth and Parenting Affirmation Cards.

              Birth Hypnosis, Guided Relaxation And Positive Affirmation MP3                           Audios For You To Download. 

              A Karma Babies Goodie Box filled with lots of freebies.


              A Postnatal Planning Worksheet.

              Access To My Private Facebook Group, Filled With Resources On                              Pregnancy, Birth And The Postnatal Period. 

"  I learnt lots of new things and it made me feel so much more calmer. We liked the session as it was focused on us as a couple.  My partner has been really anxious about the birth but the session made him even think about home birth and we are now a lot more relaxed about our options. "
Emma and Matthew First Time Parents 
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