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This course has been lovingly created to help you have a calm caesarian birth.

If you are planning an elective c section this three hour calm caesarian workshop may be just what you are looking for! I have previously worked as a maternity theatre practioner and I have had two AMAZINGLY positive caesarian birth experiences myself. I am VERY passionate about teaching hypnobirthing tools for ALL births.

What will I gain?

This course has been designed to massively improve your chances of having a positive Caesarian birth experience. Maybe you have been recommended to have a c-section for medical reasons or perhaps you have chosen a c-section to be the best type of birth for you, this workshop will support you in feeling READY and RELAXED. Together you will learn that you have SO many choices to ensure your caesarian birth feels positive, enjoyable and empowering.

How much will it cost?


 A bespoke One to One Course completed at a time and place to suit you* dependant on location

£225 Face to face x two sessions (5 hours in total).

£200 Virtually online x two sessions (5 hours in total).

You will also receive...

  • A Calm Caesarian Workbook.

  • A box of Positive Caesarian Birth Affirmation Cards.

  • An audio hypnobirthing script to listen to anytime.

  • A copy of the 'Why Caesarian matters book. 


Tell me more...

  • What happens during a c section birth.

  • Who's who in theatre.

  • Anaesthetic including spinal and general.

  • Relaxation breathing to remain calm.

  • Exploring what is a calm caesarian.

  • Writing your birth preferences for a positive c section.

  • The role of the birth partner.

  • The magical hours after birth.

  • Post surgery care.

  • Going home - the fourth trimester.

How to book your place.

Email me to book your place or for a FREE no obligation chat.




I would be delighted to support you in your journey into parenthood and beyond.
Aimee x

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Mothers carry their babies for nine months but they carry their births for life.

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