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Group Hypnobirthing Classes, Bolton

A comprehensive four week course for expectant parents who would like to feel

calm and confident about their birth and beyond. 

Delivered by a NHS health visitor, certified hypnobirthing teacher and mum of two.

Based on neuroscience, biology and common sense.

The Course

Pregnant pretty woman in a blue denim dungarees touching belly. .jpg

This course has been designed to massively improve your chances of having a positive birth experience. The sessions allow you to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy without dreading the giving birth part.

You will learn powerful and effective tools to help you cope with the different stages of labour and your birth partner will leave feeling confident and prepared, supporting you every step of the way.

Cost: £199

 " Birth is not only about making babies 
it's about making mothers - strong competent capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."
Barbara Katz Rothman

The Details

Session One 
Preparing Your Mindset For Birth

Hypnobirthing, what is it? We're ditching the myths PHEW!

Introducing the fear, tension, pain cycle and how to break free of it.

Exploring the amazing 'mind body connection' how your mindset can impact your birth experience.

Watch your language! Understand the power of words and positive affirmations.

Exploring and releasing fears you have around giving birth lets retrain your brain!

And breatheeeeeee, introducing hypno scripts and your ultimate relaxation toolkit.

Session Two 
Preparing Your Enviroment For Birth

Learn about your powerful hormones and how they help you to give birth 'let the battle commence'. 

The real reason you may be 'failing to progress' in labour

How to create a positive birth enviroment ANYWHERE!

   Where should i give birth?, Know your choices and explore the pros and cons.

 Learn the KARMA breathing techniques for pregnancy, labour and beyond!

Lets get packing,your labour and birth bag essentials. 

How to be a useful and supportive birth partner.

 Learn simple and effective massage techniques for pregnancy and labour. 

Session Three 
Preparing Your Body For Birth

Helping your baby to get in an optimal position.

What really is labour?! 

The birthing process (the science bit!)

and how to cope at each .

The A to Z of comfort levels, pain relief options.

PUSH!!! Tips and tricks to reducing tearing.

UFO and KICO birth positions.

Delivering your placenta, its not all over yet!

Meeting your baby, the golden hours.

Postnatal care, including skin to skin and optimal cord clamping.

Session Four 
Preparing For A Change Of Plan

Learn the truth about your 'due date'.

Find out how the maternity system works and how to push for individualised care.

Feeling confident to make informed decisions, know your birth rights and trust your gut!

Creating visual birth preferences whilst considering alternative birth scenarios 

Birth intervention, find out what it entails and what would happen if you need it!

What is a calm Caesarian?, a family centred experience.



The Little Extra's

              A Delicious Hot Drink Of Your Choice At Each Class. 

              Two Pregnancy Relaxation Zoom Sessions Delivered Live By Me.   


               A Comprehensive 'Love Your Birth' Hypnobirthing Workbook.


              Positive Birth Affirmation Cards.

              Birth Hypnosis, Guided Relaxation And Positive Affirmation MP3 Audios For You To Download 

              A Karma Babies Goodie Bag. 


              A postnatal planning worksheet.

              Access To My Private Facebook Group, Filled With Rescouces On  Pregnancy, Birth And The Postnatal Period. 

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