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Group Hypnobirthing Classes, Bolton

A comprehensive six week antenatal course for expectant parents who would like to feel calm and confident about birth and beyond .

The First Timers Course

Cropped shot of pregnant woman showing unborn baby sonogram image at camera. Expecting mom

This course will massively improve your chances of having a positive experience of birth and early parenthood, whilst giving you an opportunity to

meet and other local expectant parents 

Over the six weeks you will learn simple yet powerful tools to help you and your birth partner to cope more easily in labour and to help you transition easily into new parenthood. Delivered by an NHS health visitor, hypnobirthing, breastfeeding and holistic infant sleep practitioner. 


This five star rated course is rooted in neuroscience, biology and common sense, no chanting or hippy talk involved!


Cost: £200 

Secure your place with just a £50 deposit today!
Pricing includes attendance for you and one birthing partner of your choice.

 " Birth is not only about making babies 
it's about making mothers - strong competent capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

Barbara Katz Rothman

"Hypnobirthing not only enabled me to go through the majority of labour with little pain relief, just the use of breathing and relaxation techniques, it had also given Matt so much confidence knowing more about the labour and the ways in which he can help me through it." Mummy to baby Rufus.

The Details

Session One 

Preparing Your Positive Mindset For Birth

Ditching the myths about hypnobirthing, PHEW!

How to avoid the fear, tension, pain cycle.

Exploring the amazing 'mind body connection'.

Watch your language! The power of your words.

Exploring and releasing your fears around birth.

Introducing relaxation and hypnobirthing scripts.

Session Two 

Preparing Your Enviroment For Birth

Your powerful birth hormones 'let the battle commence'. 

Where to give birth, exploring all of your birth place options.

Creating a calm and comfortable birth enviroment anywhere.

What to pack in your hospital bag the ultimate guide.

How to be an AMAZING birth partner and birth massage techniques.

The A to Z of comfort measures and

what pain relief is available




Session Three 

Preparing Your Body For Birth

What actually is a contraction and how can you cope with them.

When to call the midwife the stages of labour explained.

How your AMAZING body works

during labour (the science bit).

How to reduce your chances of tearing, UFO and active birth postions.

Delivering your amazing placenta,

its not all over yet!

The golden hours and the magical benefits of skin to skin contact.

Session Four 

Preparing for an assisted birth if needed. 

A new approach to birth plans and communicating your preferences.

The truth about due dates, natural nudges and encouraging your own labour.


How to have a positive induction and what to expect if you have one.

Navigating risks, making decisions and informed consent using BRAIN.

Assisted delivery and birth interventions, when might you need them.

Coping with a change of plan with confidence, including caesarean births.



Session Five

 Life with a new baby and what to expect.

Understanding your babies experience

of birth, from Womb to World.

Newborn behaviour, is this normal?

what to expect in the first few days.

Meeting your new baby and how you can support the bonding process.

Practice makes perfect bathing, dressing and changing your babies nappy.

Postnatal planning and setting yourself up for a positive fourth trimester.

When two becomes three, becoming the  happy and supportive parenting team.

Session Six

Feeding and nurturing your new baby.

Breastmilk, Formula or both?

what decisions feel right for YOU!

Choosing a first milk, responsive bottle feeding and how to wind your baby.

How breastfeeding works and what to expect in the first few days.

  Learning breastfeeding positions, and how to get that 'good' latch'.


Nappy output, how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk?

Common feeding challenges explained and where to get help if you need it. 




I feel much calmer, more prepared for myself, and the journey I will go on and we are empowered to make the decisions that are right for us. If you are considering booking a course with Aimee, I would say 100% go for it, her delivery has been absolutely amazing, so engaging, interesting and personable.

Natalie and Joe  ~ First Time Parents 

" The course helped my husband to be really supportive and practical during my birth. It gave me so much confidence to ask more questions of the midwives and doctors and listen to my own instincts. It really changed my experience of birth and supported me to stay at home way into my labour.  Aimee is such a warm and knowledgeable person, who makes you feel really comfortable. Aimee prepared a beautiful hypnobirthing pack for us and shared some really valuable resources. I would highly recommend karma babies! Thank you Aimee!"

Michelle and Mike ~ Second Time Parents

My husband and i are so very glad that we decided to sign up for Aimee's hypnobirthing classes Aimee is a wonderful teacher and mentor. She doesn't just cater to Mums but also dads as well. We feel so much more confident now with our first baby! We would highly recommend.

Hannah and Sam ~ First Time Parents

The Little Extras...
Refreshments provided during the sessions
A hypnobirthing e workbook.
Affirmation cards for pregnancy birth and beyond
Hypnobirthing tracks to download.
A karma babies goodie box filled with treats.
Access to a private facebook group filled with useful resources and videos.
A group whatsapp group to keep in touch and an organised meet up with your babies.
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