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Hi! I am SO glad you're here!

Im Aimee, im an NHS Specialist Public Health Nurse, Qualified Hypnobirthing teacher and mum of two. 

My Qualifications

A Specialist Community Public Health Nurse.

Qualified hypnobirthing and pregnancy relaxation teacher.

Certified infant /child sleep practitioner.

Breastfeeding and relationship building trained (UNICEF UK).

Newborn behavioural observation training (Brazleton Centre).

Mindful breastfeeding practitioner. 

Baby massage and Yoga Instructor.



CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!


So you've, raided mamas and papas, your baby’s name list has been shortlisted and you've already started packing your hospital bag, you are feeling as prepared as you can be!


but then there’s the dreaded thoughts of the birth...


Perhaps you know that you would like a natural birth and maybe you’ve told your midwife or written that down in your notes. So, all that's left now then, is to cross your fingers and hope for the best, after all you can't control birth right?!

Well i know exactly how you feel, because I was you!

When I gave birth to my beautiful little boy, I had no idea about the elements of birth that I COULD control. I was oblivious to how I could have SUPPORTED my amazing body during birth and not worked against it! Most importantly I didn't have any of the tools to help me remain CALM and feeling IN CONTROL when my birth didn't go to plan (control is my middle name!). My husband who was my birth partner described feeling like a spare part, who didn't have a clue how best to support me, as we welcomed our son into the world.


Fast forward to our second pregnancy and I knew I needed to do things differently this time. I stumbled across HYPNOBIRTHING after a desperate google search and thankfully we didn't allow the misleading title of 'hypnobirthing' put us off (I visioned circles of hippies and lots of chanting, certainly not logic and science!). 

The results were transformational, our worries and fears quickly turned into feelings of EMPOWERMENT and EXCITEMENT. I began to TRUST in my body’s abilities and instincts just as much as I trusted the medical professionals and 'experts' caring for us. Our beautiful daughter was welcomed into the world by CONFIDENT, CALM, and HAPPY parents and we will be forever thankful to hypnobirthing for the powerful impact it had on our second experience of birth. 


Drawing on my professional qualifications and my personal experiences, I now work with parents to be like you!

Supporting you to have a POSITIVE experience of birth and beyond.

It would be my pleasure and priviledge to support you at this precious time. 

Speak soon, Aimee x


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