Pregnancy Classes, Bolton

Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions

An hour of relaxation and calm with your baby. 

Learn relaxation skills and meet other like minded mum's

in a welcoming and supportive weekly class.

The Classes


Each week we will explore a new topic relating to pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Then you will be invited to settle down and get comfortable before being guiding through a pregnancy relaxation.

What Are The Benefits?
        Pregnancy relaxation has so many benefits
        Improves mums emotional well-being.
        Reduces stress levels for mum and baby.
        Improves maternal sleep.
        Improved physical health in pregnancy.
        Helps you to connect and bond with your baby

Where Is It Held?
This group course is held on Tuesdays 7-8pm  at Copper Sun Studios Bolton. 

Client Reviews

“I much feel much more calm, relaxed and prepared for birth."


"As a first time mum the classes have helped me really focus on what’s to come and take the time for myself and to relax."

“I completely shut off from the outside world, i forgot about my worries from the day and felt completely relaxed "

"Your baby will thank you for taking time out!"

prgnancy classes