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Laura's Positive Home Birth Story in Bolton

Updated: Jan 11

A picture of a mum holding her new born baby following a home birth.

James is my 3rd baby and I had already done hypnobirthing with my previous two positive births, one birth at hospital and another home birth in water. So when I saw that Aimee offered a Hypnobirthing refresher session, I was really excited to recap on my knowledge. I'd forgotten so much and even though I was already a mum of two, I still had certain fears with my pregnancy and needed that reassurance.

I followed everything that Aimee had taught us on the day and pictured exactly how my birth was going to go, I knew I was going to have him at home, with no pain relief. I'd ordered a birth pool for at home like my last birth and I couldn't wait for the experience again. My due date came and went and I knew he wasn't ready to come then. I'd researched a lot about being overdue and was happy to wait until he was ready before he came declining any intervention from the midwife. I was 12 days over and declined all offers of sweeps and inductions, I felt so calm and confident and my midwife respected that! On 15th August 2023 I went around my day as usual, my son was at school, my toddler at home and was starting to make tea, I'd had a few contractions here and there but nothing major. My husband arrived home around 6pm and I'd noticed my contractions getting closer together and slightly stronger, as he left to pick our eldest son up from football, I got on my ball and he joked saying "let me know if I need to come back."

After about 15 minutes of being on my ball my contractions had got a lot stronger and my body started to push at each contraction. At this point I rang my husband to tell him to get home quickly as I was alone with our 2 year old! He got home at around 7pm and at this point I was having very strong surges and I was using my breathing techniques to get through them. My husband started to put up the birthing pool and i had already put down the shower curtains in case my waters went and by this time it was 7.30pm and my toddler began to get over tired and trying to kick me off my birthing ball! (I definitely didnt envsion that!).

At this point I rang my mum to come and get my toddler as she was on her way home from picking our eldest up from football as my husband had to leave him there with one of our friends! By the time my mum got to us it was 7.50pm and I was in the full flow of labour, letting my body push when it needed and breathing through each contraction.

At 7.52 pm my waters broke and I told my husband to leave the birthing pool and come and catch the baby as I was stood up and knew I wouldn't make it into the pool. My husband had to pull down my pants as I started to push and his head appeared! I just completely followed my bodies lead as to what it needed me to do! Remembering all my breathing tools that Aimee taught me and letting my body do the pushing. James was born at 8.07pm whilst I was stood holding onto the fireplace, he was born unto my husbands arms and he passed him through to me for some skin to skin with our baby. With my labour starting so quickly from 6.30pm and James being born at 8.07pm, we still hadn't actually rang a midwife! So we rang the birth centre and they asked my husband to call the paramedics so they could come quicker, but luckily the midwives made it first, they delivered my placenta and did all our checks. It was so amazing getting into my own shower and then afterwards being able to sleep in my own bed! I delivered James without any pain relief at all, just powerful breath work and the belief that I could do it! I was abit gutted that I didn't make it into the pool, but grateful he was here safely. Also the great support of my amazing midwife/husband in my time of need was a massive boost when I needed it the most!

Laura and baby James 2023.

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